Understanding Chemical Dependency

Chemical dependency is a disease. With the disease, there exists a physical and/or psychological addiction to a mood altering chemical which, when removed, results in withdrawal symptoms and an obsession with obtaining more of the substance. Chemicals most often observed to be addicting are prescribed drugs (such as Valium, barbiturates and pain killers) and illegally obtained substances (such as cocaine, marijuana or heroin).


The disease process is similar for each set of chemicals. The dependency interrupts a person's ability to function on a day to day basis. Once the process begins, it soon becomes self-perpetuating with the dependent person unable to stop even though the chemicals are destroying his or her life socially, economically and physically.

According to the Department of Health and Human Services chemical dependency has grown to become one of the number one problems in the United States.

The dependent person is more susceptible to infections, anemia, diseases of the liver, heart, brain and organs, and to cancer, particularly of the liver and throat. Many dependent patients eventually require permanent institutionalization because of brain damage. Unfortunately, most chemically dependent people are totally unaware of how substance affects them. Once someone loses control over their behavior the illness cannot be stopped without treatment. Effective treatment is available. Call 1-888-514-4986

The cost to industry amounts to over 25 billion dollars yearly in terms of absenteeism, accident rate, workmen's compensation and claims for annual medical benefits.

To fight Chemical Dependency and addiction alone is almost impossible. Yet too frequently the dependent person is left to fight a lonely battle condemned as a moral weakling and overprotected if an adolescent. Fortunately, Chemical Dependence is a treatable disease if symptoms are identified and the dependent person seeks help. Successful recovery depends on abstinence and the development of a healthy approach to life's problems. With the proper treatment many patients are able to better their situation, enhance their life, and maintain jobs, families, and health.

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